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Every new season brings its own unique style. This is not Fashion Nova's first time of being accused of such design theft. Over the years, the "Money" rapper's style has been a combination of awing, designer fashion (See: Her back-to-back outfits from Paris Fashion Week) and an occasional Fashion Nova fit.

Fashion Nova has made no secret of its reliance on social media heavyweights like the Kardashians to fuel its 600-piece a week collection, Taylor said. Cardi B recently launched her own clothing line with the brand is spotted often at appearances and events wearing the Fashion Nova apparel.

The social media uproar that ensued was a glaring example of the delicate dance between influencers and fast-fashion brands that thrive on social media trends ー and the designers who are often caught in the middle. The company has shot to fame in a relatively short period of time thanks to a host of endorsements on Instagram from influencers and celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Cardi B.

Fast fashion means that correctively extra items will probably hit Fashion Nova's site in no time. It is, by far, the weirdest piece of clothing we've ever seen — and I routinely wear Self Portrait dresses — but we gamely stuffed ourselves into them anyway. Unlike Kylie's usual designer outfits (lately she's loving Fendi), this gray dress is only $28 and comes in four additional colors, including oatmeal and pastel pink.

The influencers are paid, with the lower profile influencers (not the Kardashians) being paid as little as $500 for the endorsements and mentions, and sometimes just even with freebies like the clothing itself. I was nervous and I told myself not to expect anything when I was using fashion nova's size chart after picking out clothes.

Diet Prada posted a screenshot of a leaked Fashion Nova photoshoot under the fashion nova haul file name "Kim dress" which showed a model posing in the dress ー four days before Kardashian presented it on the red carpet. For many, Kardashian's denials that she was in cahoots with Fashion Nova rang hollow.

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